About Us

Greening, Improving, and Changing Group Homes

Dr. Glenn Kendall, the founder and executive director of this 501c3 tax-exempt nonprofit organization, introduces an entirely new 24/7/365 group care model for high school students and beyond. It is an ecovillage based on his Ph.D. Study entitled,"Understanding effective models of group care: enhancing group home services for homeless, abused, and runaway children." 

An Urban Farm to Plate Public Ecovillage

The founding board members are introducing a public ecovillage, with edible landscape and an organic urban farming-to-plate program to provide group home services to residential and non-residential foster care, homeless, and vulnerable youths. We are inviting the members of the community to help us creatively solve some of Cincinnati pressing issues affecting the quality of life among our young adults. 

Our Y.E.S. Learners (Youth Ever Soaring) to become Home Owners

Our vision includes that eligible graduates will inherit the right of home ownership--we want to end child-homelessness forever! Help Us! We are looking for homes to guide and coach youths and land to grow produce.

Meet the Board

We are a blended board of doctoral, professional, recipients of services, and other stakeholders to ensure that we provide the best care and services to our future generation today.

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